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Transcription Services

Transcription Services at Virtual Admin & Document Solutions
Transcription Services at Virtual Admin & Document Solutions
Transcription Services at Virtual Admin & Document Solutions

Virtual Admin & Document Solutions offers a first rate and easy to use transcription service at competitive prices. Just electronically record your dictations or voice recordings, then send them straight through to us for typing.


No matter what your profession, if you regularly use a hand held voice recorder to compose documents, record information or instructions, or if you work in the legal arena and have lengthy Electronic Records of Interview (EROIs) for transcription, Virtual Admin & Document Solutions can do all the typing for you so you can concentrate on other important matters.

Types of documents we can transcribe:

* If you can dictate it, we can type it, into any format you require.

Whether you require ongoing transcription services, or have a one-off job, Virtual Admin & Document Solutions delivers a fast, efficient and affordable transcription service.


Enquire today to discuss your transcription needs and find out how we can assist you.

  • client instructions

  • file notes

  • memorandums

  • manuscripts

  • reports

  • interviews

  • correspondence

  • tribunals

  • legal documents (including but not limited to appeal documents, Affidavits, Statutory Declarations, Subpoenas, Federal Circuit Court Documents)

  • Electronic Record of Interviews (EROIs)

  • court hearings

  • briefs

How It Works

Where do we start?


Finding time in your busy schedule to convert your dictations into professional documents can be difficult, especially while trying to attend to all the other important facets of your business. This is where Virtual Admin & Document Solutions can help you. We can quickly transcribe your audio files and deliver the completed documents straight into your inbox, in just a few easy steps.

Either send us an initial enquiry, or fill in our online registration form so we can get some information from you, such as information about you and your business. We'll then contact you and establish whether you require a one-off service, a short, mid or long term arrangement, and then submit a proposal for your consideration.


When you are happy with the proposed arrangements and you're ready to proceed, we will get to work!


It really is that simple!

Will my Transcriptionist need training?


We are highly skilled transcriptionists and typists, so no training is required for us to transcribe your audio files and turn them into accurate, professionally presented documents. However, we will seek further instructions and clarification if your transcription is unusual or requires a specialised document format.


When choosing Virtual Admin & Document Solutions to transcribe your dictations, you can rest assured that we will produce top-quality work, at affordable rates, with a quick turn-around time.



How does the process work?

Its as easy as:

  • Record your voice memo or digital dictation

  • Upload your audio file, or email to us, along with any special instructions, for transcription

  • We will transcribe and proofread it

  • Your completed transcription is made available for you to collect from our convenient Dropbox, located on our VIP Access page, or emailed to you in Microsoft Word format, whichever your preference

* Your audio files are automatically encrypted by our software to maintain security of your sensitive and confidential materials.

* If you have a DVD containing audio files, such as an Electronic Record of Interview (EROI's) for transcription, you can either upload the file or send it to us electronically (Via Dropbox or email), or, if time permits, send it to us via airbag or mail Express Post for transcription.

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