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Paralegal Services

Paralegal Services

Paralegal Services at Virtual Admin & Document Solutions
Paralegal Services at Virtual Admin & Document Solutions
Paralegal Services at Virtual Admin & Document Solutions

Whether you are a legal practitioner in need of paralegal or administrative support, or  an individual who requires assistance to prepare legal documents, Virtual Admin & Document Solutions is the answer.


With specialised paralegal skills gained through more than a decade of working in and managing an extremely busy legal practice, we understand the legal process, the importance of taking detailed client instructions, preparing impeccable legal documents, and meeting strict deadlines for filing and service of legal documents with the court, other parties, and Prosecutions.


We also understand how imperative it is for legal practitioners to maintain a clear line of communication with their clients, and to ensure they are fully aware of the status of their case and any upcoming court appearances.

Virtual Admin & Document Solutions appreciate that legal practitioners spend many hours in preparation for court appearances, and can often struggle to find time to keep up with day-to-day administrative aspects of their practice. It can also be difficult for them to find time to take lengthy client instructions, prepare necessary legal documents or perform other time-consuming but necessary paralegal tasks.


Virtual Admin & Document Solutions can help support your busy legal practice by:


Virtual Admin & Document Solutions is also a fantastic service for individuals who may be going through a court process or need assistance in the formatting of court documents, such as family law documents, Affidavits and Statutory Declarations.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The services provided by Virtual Admin & Document Solutions do not extend to or engage in legal practice, the provision of legal advice or the practice of law. For assistance of this nature we recommend you seek advice from your nearest legal aid office or engage the services of private lawyer.

Enquire today to find out more about the different ways we can assist you.

  • Arranging service of documents on other parties to legal proceedings, including via process server

  • Taking client instructions

  • Typing file notes

  • Booking legal visits and telephone calls at Correctional Centres

  • Locating expert witnesses

  • Interpreter bookings

  • Arranging video links and court attendance from remote sites

  • Scheduling client appointments with Barrister or Solicitor

  • Transcribing dictations

  • Chasing client contributions

  • Performing all manner of general administrative duties (see Virtual Admin Assistant for more information)

  • Client correspondence, including Court outcome letters and notification of next court date

  • Transcribing Electronic Record of Interviews (EROIs)

  • Court documents, including, but not limited to, Affidavits, Statutory Declarations, Subpoenas and Summonses (formatting only - all information is to be provided by client)

  • Family Court Documents (formatting only - all information is to be provided by client)

  • Electronic filing of Court documents

How It Works

How do I work with a Virtual Paralegal Assistant?


We understand just how vital it is for your paperwork to be done, your office to run smoothly, have all your materials ready for court, and your documents prepared to an extremely high standard. Luckily, our Virtual Paralegal Assistant (VPA) has had years of experience working in a busy legal environment and is ready to help with all your legal administrative needs.


Your Virtual Paralegal Assistant (VPA) works remotely - we never have to step foot in your office. We can help you no matter where you are located, as long as you have an internet connection and email access. We can do any task you require as long as we are provided with clear instructions, given any relevant information and can access the necessary software online (where applicable).


Our business is VIRTUAL, which means all of our work is done remotely and online. We do not work in your office, and are unable to attend to some of your physical errands or meet you for coffee. However, we can arrange to attend meetings with you via Skype, FaceTime or Messenger on a once-off, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis if required.

With various applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Dropbox, FaceTime and Skype, it won't matter that your VPA does not physically share your office space with you. Tasks will be done on time, exactly how you like them, in a professional and highly efficient manner. Better still - you will only have to pay for the hours your Virtual Assistant actually works, along with any extra expenses, without worrying about  staff absences, superannuation, or other costly overheads.

Where do we start?


Either send us an initial enquiry, or fill in our online registration form so we can get some information from you, such as information about you and your business, what tasks and duties you need completed, and for an approximate of how many hours you anticipate these tasks may take (or how much time they currently take you) to complete. We'll then contact you, and establish whether you require a one-off service, a short, mid or long term arrangement, and then submit a proposal for your consideration.


When you are happy with the proposed arrangements and you're ready to proceed, we will get to work!


It really is that simple!

Will my Virtual Paralegal Assistant need training?


Depending on what type of assistance you require will determine if any training is required.


If you require one-off or limited assistance, little or no training is likely to be required. However, if you are seeking to engage our services on a more comprehensive or ongoing basis, training may be necessary to ensure we do things just the way you want them done.

This can be done by providing us with a document containing detailed instructions, or an in-depth telephone or video call, if that is your preference. Training could take as little as an hour, or be an ongoing process which sees the role develop over time.


Whatever method of training you choose, you can rest assured that we are very quick learners and will produce top-quality work, exactly the way you like it, in no time at all.



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