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Administrative Support

Welcome to Virtual Admin & Document Solutions


Virtual Admin & Document Solutions provides a virtual secretarial, paralegal, transcription and general typing service for individuals, and all industries and professions at an affordable rate. We have many years of experience in administrative and office management, and specialise in legal administrative management and paralegal services. Virtual Admin & Document Solutions is situated in the heart of Australia's Northern Territory, but as long as you have an internet connection, we can assist you no matter where you are located.


We  understand the importance of having a highly skilled administrative staff to help support and drive your business. We are clever, resourceful, professional, efficient, adaptable and dynamic, and will work with you to tailor a virtual solution that suits your individual needs and budget requirements.

Our clients simply need to provide us with instructions via telephone or email, upload relevant files or dictations, give us any relevant information, and we will get to work.

Have a look at our competitive rates, and contact us to discuss how we can provide you with a first-rate admin or document solution.





Business Operators
Legal Practitioners
Government Agencies
  • Are you a micro or small business operator who struggles to keep up with the paperwork, but cant justify the expense of hiring a secretary?

  • Do you wish you could spend less time dealing with paperwork and more time focussing on delivering a fantastic service or growing your business?

  • Are you experiencing staff shortages due to sickness or annual leave, and need temporary admin support?

  • Are you a legal practitioner who is busy at court and struggling to keep up with general admin duties?


  • Do you need help to liaise with clients, prepare legal documents, make court-related bookings or have lengthy EROIs to transcribe?

  • Are you a private citizen who needs help to prepare basic legal documents, but are unable to access legal assistance?  

  • Do you spend valuable time recording memos, client instructions, file notes and correspondence, but then struggle to find the time (or skill) to type them?


  • Do you have lengthy Electronic Records of Interviews or other dictations for transcription but not have the capacity to get them done? 

  • Are you a government organisation with the need for an experienced administrative consultant ?

  • Does your business or organisation have clients who could use help to prepare letters of reconsideration, responses or other documentation?

  • Do you need assistance with a one-off word processing project, such as drafting correspondence, copy typing, creating a document or typing a manuscript?

  • Are you looking to update or create your resume or seek help to write an impressive letter of application?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions,
Virtual Admin & Document Solutions can help you!


Whether you are an individual, government organisation, private practitioner, CEO or business operator, no matter what your industry, Virtual Admin & Document Solutions is the solution to all your admin and document requirements.


If you are struggling to get paperwork done, need assistance with practical day-to-day administrative tasks necessary for conducting your business, need paralegal assistance or help to prepare legal documents, have dictations for transcription, or a one-off document request or typing project, but don't have the time, staff or know-how to get them done, then Virtual Admin & Document Solutions can provide you with all the assistance you need.



Our Services

Micro and small business operators, government organisation, professionals, sole traders, private practitioners, legal practitioners, consultants, business executives



Transcribing dictations, general typing, creating business documents, drafting business/client correspondence, travel/accommodation bookings, business scheduling, invoicing, email management, maintaining social media accounts, client liaison, telephone answering and messaging service.

Legal practitioners, law firms, legal agencies, barristers, consultants, government organisations, Department of Justice, private investigators, process servers, private citizens



General admin, correspondence, transcribing Electronic Record of Interviews (EROIs), formatting legal documents, electronic filing of court documents, arranging service of legal documents, client instructions, file notes, booking legal visits/telephone calls to correctional centres, locate expert witnesses, interpreter bookings, arranging video links and court attendance from remote sites, scheduling client appointments, transcriptions, chasing outstanding payment contributions.

Legal practitioners, law firms, barristers, consultants, legal agencies, government organisations, business executives, insurance assessors, process servers, private investigators, Department of Justice, journalists, authors, general Business



Client instructions, affidavits, interviews, chronologies, meetings, file notes, memorandums, briefs, legal documents, correspondence, reports, investigative transcripts, Electronic Record of Interviews (EROIs), and manuscripts.

Private citizens, business operators, business executives, legal practitioners, private practitioners, consultants, government organisations, authors general business, students, journalists, insurance companies



Resumes, copy typing, letters/correspondence, formatting legal documents including statutory declarations and affidavits, submissions, manuscripts, meeting agendas/minutes, recipes, reports, and a wide variety of other documents. 

Benefits of using Virtual Admin & Document Solutions:

  • Free up your time so you can focus on other, more important things

  • Increase in business productivity

  • Gives you back control of your business

  • Fast, accurate and reliable service, with works completed on time, every time

  • Virtual environment makes it extremely easy to set tasks, and receive completed works


  • Eliminates high costs of temps and agency fees


  • Cut costs associated with staff turnover and training

  • No rental or maintenance costs for upkeep of a physical office space

  • No superannuation, sick leave or public holiday pay - you only pay for actual work done

  • Affordable rates makes it easy to stay within budget

  • Government projects can be budgeted for upfront


  • Increased reputation with clients and stakeholders

  • Take away your stress

  • Professional documents prepared without the technology or know-how to do them yourself

  • Virtual staff work flexible hours

  • Peace of mind knowing your business is in capable hands

Enquire Now

Please contact us with any questions, for pricing information or to discuss the many ways we can help you.


We always do our best to respond within 24 hours, but if you advise us that your task is urgent, we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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